Addendum to rule 6 - editing other’s images

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Re: Addendum to rule 6 - editing other’s images

Tom Caldwell wrote:

I was unaware that rule 6 had been extended until a recent thread on the subject (which become acrimonious).

Now that moderators have to deal with its content I will make a suggestion on how it might be interpreted in a reasonably workable manner.

Basically - no free will altering of images posted. First contact the OP either by another post or preferably by PM. Posted images are regarded as otherwise taken to be inviolate unless the OP states actively and clearly that suggestions or assistance is required.

If this is not regarded, despite this interpretation, then the OP at their discretion MAY PM the moderator and ask that the altered image be deleted as the original was their image. But they can allow the altered image, at their own discretion, to stand - but this is not a free for all. Consistent alteration of images without first obtaining consent will be regarded as a chore for proper moderation and will risk a ban.


1) No need to indicate that an image should not be altered - this is the basic assumption.

2) It is polite to ask permission of the OP to make an alteration and post it.

3) Any alterations made and posted even with the best of intention can be deleted optionally at the OP request and those that make such changes and post them risk the moderators ire if they are being constantly asked to make deletions.

I am happy to listen to HELPFUL posts on this proposal but if this thread becomes an excuse for further argument it will be locked.

Agree completely.

Taking an image from someone else liberally and editing it without his/her permission is rude at best. Asking for permission is the right thing to do.

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