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Re: Coolpix A - with iPhone XS and Z50

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The CPA is an amazing camera, still! A viewfinder would have been nice, but ok.

The single thing that makes it stand out to me is its lens. That lens is superp even wide open. Crystal sharp and with contrast and color I have never seen in any of the other lenses, I have come across in my amateur photographic life.

Did you know it came with an optional OVF? It was called the DF-CP1.

Your decked-out CPA looks like a street photographer's dream! I always would have liked one of those viewfinders, but for me they were priced way too high - and are actually still higher than the current value of any of my cameras.

Street photography is what I use my CPA for. You're right though: the prices for these accessories were definitely too high. I found the viewfinder and hood on sale at The Camera Store a few years ago. I had a friend buy it and bring it back to me in Australia. It was an indulgence but this camera does make me happy every time I use it.

For some reason I never lusted over an OVF for this model. I had a Sony RX100iv before it and it had an EVF but it was really horrible to use, so I guess I trained myself to use the back panel. I even use the back panel a lot now with my Z6.

What really cracked me up about this camera is that it came from Nikon with a neck strap. I don't think my Z6 came with a neck strap. It's pocket sized, why would I need a neck strap.

I like a neck strap because I can be completely hands-off with the camera always at the ready to raise for a quick shot. It's also the best insurance against dropping the camera. Hanging a small camera from my neck does sometimes bring curiosity. Someone even stepped up and asked me about "my curious-looking little camera" last summer. It ended in a good little conversation. A friend at a local brick and mortar store later messaged me on Instagram a few days later that she came in telling the story, and asking about availability of that model.

Interesting. I just use a light wrist strap, I don't feel that holds me back in any way. Always at the ready.

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