Opinion. What's Old Is New Again

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Re: Opinion. What's Old Is New Again

robbo d wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Greetings Alex

robbo d wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

robbo d wrote:

ozdean wrote:

You are right - Pentax have always been Photographer's Cameras.

I'm not quite sure that you really mean "photographers" cameras Dean ?

Why not? He's not claiming exclusivity, so no photographers should feel attacked for not using Pentax.

I completely understand and that is why I've heard this claim before..... a bit like a "drivers car"

However I suspect it's a statement made out of emotion and preference rather than substance.

Emotion and preference are fine. Photography is an art after all... or a craft...

Correct, it is an art.

The point I make is the comment I've heard before: made for or a "photographers camera" . It's a very cliche term and taken literally, yes, all cameras are made for photography, therefore photographers.

I've read somewhere that medium format cameras (not the cheap stuff like Pentax and Fujifilm) are made for dentist and advocates

However, in the context I've heard before and took from this was more of a craftsman tool or a cut above.....

Where does this leave Canon,Nikon, Sony of Fuji owner's? Do they by their chosen brand not become photographers because we Pentax owners believe we have a superior product?

That's not what it means; don't take it as an attack on the others.

Getting back to the Miata analogy, that's a driver's car... but you can very well be a driver and drive something else.

The Nikon Df or Fuji Xt owner walking around with a manual focus lens, lost in the art of composition and light will feel the same way.

A drivers car is something like an Alfa Romeo or porsche which,in the right hands will reward a skilled driver to go faster than the average car.

Not necessarily. Isn't the MX-5 Miata a driver's car? Yet you won't break records on circuits...

Precisely !!

It's nimble, fast reacting, quick around corners, goes where you point it ... a real drivers car.

A Pentax is nimble to operate.

Puts a smile on your face because it does what you want from it to get from point A to B and in a tight twisty circfuit may well break records...

Doubtful; you don't break records by cornering sideways.


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