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Re: All I see in the first two is that unfortunate corporate logo

Greg7579 wrote:

EmmaNems wrote:

These all raise the question of whether the portrait is of the woman, the rusty truck or the Puma logo. As a whole; it's a swing and a miss. There is so much in competition with her face. The lack of anything going on with her eyes is a sad failure. Portraits are all about eyes and fleeting expression. The broad, flat light doesn't help.

Emma, you portrait pros are brutal. I mean brutal. I have a really good friend in San Antonio who was one of the best portrait artists in Texas for 25 years. She was always asked to judge portrait work and she would absolutely rip every shot apart that she judged.

You guys are hard.... That is why I'm afraid to take pictures of people. 😁

You got me curious so I just looked at your last 40 posts.  Good Lord Woman … you are tough!  You are ripping apart everybody.

Who are you?  You must be good.

Look … I like it.  Take 5 minutes and look at my Flickr.  Throw a few insults my way.

I occasionally need it to keep me on my toes.

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