What's your backup strategy when on the road? Cloud backup?

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risk analysis

embie wrote:

mfinley wrote:

embie wrote:

What if...camera is lost or stolen ?

Break out the cell phone? Practically every regular forum member here is just an amateur enthusiast, the loss of some images while on vacation is an inconvenience with few real long term transformations to anyone's life.

Partially right, depends on destinations and activities IMHO.

Vacations photos are ≠ as travel photos.

Anyone with any backup of any sort has likely really only moved from already being 99.5% safe(no backup) to 99.7% safe (any backup).

Everyone has their own risk tolerance and personally has to weigh what it takes to move the needle such minuscule amounts (facing the law of diminishing returns), while they would rather be doing other things (dealing with the opportunity costs).

So according to you, creating a backup or no backup results in a difference of only a minuscule 0.2% in the chance of loosing data ?

Tell that to the millions of people who lost their data when not have made a backup LOL.

For sure I know, myself included, too many friends, travel companions and family who did.

Personally I couldn't forgive myself when, on a 4-5 weeks of intercontinental travel, to loose all or a part of my documented photos I made because I have refrained myself making a backup...on a devise which 99% of travelers have with them, cellphone, tablet, or laptop.

But, your right, everyone has their own risk tolerance, to each his own.

Me too, I would feel very bad if all lost all my pics of my very occasional trips.

But, what are the most probable risks of loosing data ?

Let's make a risk analysis...

What is the highest probability of one of those events to occur, and, what is the consequence :

  1. SD card failure
  2. SD card lost, ex.: oops, dropped it in the canal or sewer grill.
  3. theft of electronic gear in the hotel room
  4. theft of luggage at airport or lost checked-in luggage
  5. gun point theft on the street
  6. failure of external HDD, SSD, internal computer HDD
  7. human error: "damn, I just reformat the wrong card"

Probabilty of 3 or 4 is higher than 6 (and 5, in most places).

I think that P(6) > P(1).

And P(7) > P(1).

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