Beware the Sony Auto-mode in low-light! (Or: don't make my mistake)

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Re: Beware the Sony Auto-mode in low-light! (Or: don't make my mistake)

I think Sony has resorted to using higher ISOs in Auto mode because of two reasons.

The first has to do with the fact that very few people can hold a camera steadily while pressing the shutter button.  It truly boggles my mind how much difficulty people have with this.  I notice it every single time someone else handles one of my cameras to get me in the photo.

The next thing is that if the auto-focus system is noticing a larger depth of field being necessary (ie, two faces being the 'main subject' but they are not the exact same distance from the camera) then the camera will stop down a bit.  If it stops down, then you need either a slower shutter speed (not advisable in auto for the above reason) or a higher ISO.

With today's ability for cameras to jump into higher than usual ISOs without the noise we used to see a decade ago, I don't see a problem with this.  I'd certainly rather have a bit of noise as opposed to camera shake.


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