2019 mbp loud fan when running on external monitor

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Re: 2019 mbp loud fan when running on external monitor

Yup I ground thru a fair amount of the endless pages of people complaining about this. It does seem super weird that a small percentage of people chiming in claim they have no problem at all...I think you guys are right that A) the computer is simply doing what it's supposed to do by running the fans that to keep temps down, and B) that changing the adapter won't do anything. still wonder if a new monitor somehow eliminates the issue but that's an expensive test to run.

I tried it in clamshell mode with the lid closed and then fan noise and heat dropped dramatically. So I just ordered a vertical stand and a keyboard. Not totally happy about this solution as I was used to using my laptop open as a second screen. And I basically paid for this retina screen and am now going to not use it much of the time. But for various reasons I do want to try to keep this machine with the dedicated graphics card.

So for anyone considering a new 16 incher - this struggle is real...IF you use an external monitor and don't absolutely need the dedicated GPU for video editing - the 13 inch might make more sense to avoid this problem.

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