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tagscuderia wrote:

This is the misconception though, Merrill and Quattro X3Fs already contain RGB data: CIERGB D50 — this conversion is done in-camera and is lossless.

The only RGB data in X3F files to my best knowledge is only the embedded full-size JPG image. The raw data's colour space shouldn't be called RGB, it's rather in "TopMiddleBottom" space.

With Foveon, a DNG can contain exactly the same data as an X3F! The RAW layer data is stored as unaltered RGB channels, and the DNG metadata contains the colour matrices that convert the RAW to a useable image, just as an X3F does. The difference is that it’s possible to load custom DCPs with your own White Balance and colour matrices, that work on the RAW data! Even if you used SIGMA’s matrices, all corrections would be applied to the RAW data

So Quattro's DNG is lossless.

Quattro SOOC DNGs are superior to X3Fs regards control over the conversion, but SIGMA denoise the data using the JPG engine’s filter which is inferior to SPP’s. So whilst X3F and SIGMA Photo Basic is currently the way to go... it’s only because SIGMA don’t want you to see a Quattro image with zero noise reduction!

So Quattro's DNG is not lossless.

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