Of the G1X IV, G3X II and the state of things...

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Closing thoughts (for me)

nolten wrote:

I've said my piece above but I'll add this observation: Some of you guys might get what you wish. I've owned a number of G series cameras and Canon seems to make significant changes between models.

I owned the G10 and it was very different for either the G9 or G11. Different lens speeds and ranges and different sensor sizes and densities; the G11 had fewer MP than the G10.

Likewise the G1XII lens was tweaked in a number of ways from the original G1X. I preferred the original, some preferred the II.

The G1XIII, IMHO, bears no resemblance to either of its X predecessors other than the "G" camera body shape and controls which first appeared, I think, with the G7.

I've always liked the G P&S but I've always skipped generations waiting for the combination of lens/sensor that suit my preferences. I assume therefore that the G1XIV will be unpredictably different again and not just a change to the latest sensor and Digic.

I've been looking at different patents and combinations of mirrorless lenses this morning and have come away with a couple thoughts...

1. The G5X mark II lens, in fact, gives me equivalence to the G1X mark II, interestingly enough, and does it with a modern Sony 1" sensor. This is reminiscent of the G1X Mark II review where DPR correctly identified that using a larger, older sensor, married to a faster lens that it was too bad you couldn't combine them. The G5X Mark II, does in fact fulfill this omen.


2. If, you look at patents and what others have done with mirrorless APS-C lenses, and apply some logic, Canon can do a smaller combination in a PowerShot G APS-C via fast normal zoom or fast 35 prime than the M can/could, but it's pretty darn close (think M200+EF-M 22mm f/2 STM vs X100V). Likewise, even comparing the RP + RF 35mm f/1.8 IS STM Macro to a Leica Q, they're really close in weight and size, but a fraction of the price, and you can swap the lens. We essentially have a much cheaper Leica Q, already... Fascinating.

I'm not sure what they'll do truth told. But I'm more impressed with what we have now (G5X Mark II, M system and R system) in the wake of the analysis though.

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