Of the G1X IV, G3X II and the state of things...

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Re: G1x IV options

I've said my piece above but I'll add this observation:  Some of you guys might get what you wish. I've owned a number of G series cameras and Canon seems to make significant changes between models.

I owned the G10 and it was very different for either the G9 or G11. Different lens speeds and ranges and different sensor sizes and densities; the G11 had fewer MP than the G10.

Likewise the G1XII lens was tweaked in a number of ways from the original G1X. I preferred the original, some preferred the II.

The G1XIII, IMHO, bears no resemblance to either of its X predecessors other than the "G" camera body shape and controls which first appeared, I think, with the G7.

I've always liked the G P&S but I've always skipped generations waiting for the combination of lens/sensor that suit my preferences. I assume therefore that the G1XIV will be unpredictably different again and not just a change to the latest sensor and Digic.

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