2019 mbp loud fan when running on external monitor

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Re: 2019 mbp loud fan when running on external monitor

nicolas guilbert wrote:

i can’t believe this is normal behavior. my old late 2010 MBP with Nvidia discrete GPU was silent most of the time connected to a 27” cinema display.

i read many pages on the topic on macrumours site about the problem on the latest MBP 16”. Some have the problem and others don’t. i didn’t find a clear cut explanation.

Other laptops have problems with this too.

I haven't, but I don't make heavy or more than infrequent use of my 16 with an external monitor. The problem is very extensive. So yes, if it's a dealbreaker than a different machine might be in order.

An iMac's 5120x2880 screen would include more info than the 16's 3072x1920 and the 1600 x 1200, so you might not even need the external where there a switch to iMac. But if the problem is noise, note the iMac fans can spin up too. Just because fans are spinning doesn't mean anything's wrong; there might be some throttling but it is still pretty fast throttled perhaps. Although some report they then do have performance issues.

And yes, the threads and complaints about it are people running some pretty high horse power applications, like Ps and Final Cut and others...they would probably cause even ME to overheat. But Apple did market this as a Pro, so fair criticism.

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