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FingerPainter wrote:

fft2000 wrote:

The comment here - - suggests that diffraction killed the detail in your image. Which is just b***s**t.

According to the review at, centre sharpness of this lens decreases about 14.3% from f/5.6 to f/11 and edge sharpness decreases about 19%.

You are looking at the wrong chart Open the one for 25mm, it's less then.

Still a decrease of 15-20% from close-to-top-performance isn't something I personally bother too much, mostly because there are other parameters that get better, e.g. you will have a more uniform distribution of sharpness in the whole frame. Aberrations usually also get better when stopping down.

The biggest issue here is just that the shadows are too deep leading to massive noise when pushed. Probably someone wants to run it through AI Denoise/Sharpen? Curious what this would pull out.

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