What's your backup strategy when on the road? Cloud backup?

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more SD cards

Vieri Bottazzini wrote:


my backup strategy when on the road is:

- Dual cards in camera set as backup, with enough SD cards to last a whole trip without reformatting;
- Keep filled cards in my camera bag;
- Copy everything everyday on laptop's HDD;
- Backup everything every day on external HDD;

Thus, I always have 4 copies of my files, of which 2 always with me in the camera bag, two in the hotel / car. I wouldn't rely on cloud backup while on the road, as you said the internet might not be fast enough, for one, and even when it is, it's way faster to backup on HDD, in my experience.

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I never use the Cloud for backup. For several reasons, I see it as unreliable (bandwidth/speed, integrity, SLA).

For about 6-7 years, my usual annual vacation trip was 4 weeks. Until 2015, I was carrying a laptop and a portable HDD.

I never reformat cards while traveling.

In 2017 and 2018, I decided to leave the laptop and HDD at home.

Every trip, I bring enough SD cards to last the whole trip. My pictures fill about 16GB per day. I carry the 20+ SD cards in a small "wallet" in my pocket (32 or 64GB cards). If I ever a thief want to steal my pants, then, I will simply be glad to survive the encounter.

In the unlikely case I take a NatGeo or news worthy picture, I will send it by email or upload it to my own web hosting account using a smartphone + OTG adapter + SD card reader. It has not happened yet

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