Of the G1X IV, G3X II and the state of things...

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Re: G1x IV options

0lf wrote:

  • Keep the shape, use a brighter and/or longer lens. The G1x3 is not really pocketable anyway with its big EVF hump, so move toward more ambitious but bigger lens.
  • Keep the lens, but use the G5x2 form factor (popup EVF, tilt screen). Make the G1x truly pocketable.

What would you prefer for G1x4 ?


90D Sensor, DIGICX and a fast 24-120 lens... By fast, I mean G1X Mark II fast, which is ironically, f/4-8

It can be done, the new RF 24-105 f/4-7.1 is 395g, they can do it again. It may not pocket, but who cares? I loved the twin front dial and "fast" lens of the G1X Mark II.

The G5X Mark II does 24-120 f/4.9-7.6 with good image quality, and pockets. So 24-120 f/4-8 with APS-C although heavier and larger, would be worth it I think, and do-able. I understand it's going to weigh 600g.

I'd prefer a weather sealed body and DSLR "hump" with EVF. But a pop-up EVF is fine too.

I'd prefer a fully articulating screen but a tilt is fine.

An alternative formula...

It'd be nice to have a 15-45 f/1.8-3.5 lens with the 90D sensor and DIGICX, that is a true f/2.8-5.6 FF equivalence with a crop sensor. That'd be vicious. I like my reach, but the speed indoors? That's pretty enticing.

Lastly if I'm on a "wish list"?

Canon should make their own fixed prime crop-sensor point and shoot ala X100, or, fixed prime FF-sensor point and shoot ala Leica Q. The latter, and say 28mm f/2? I'd be in heaven. Take my money Canon!

Probably never happen.

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