Fuji XC 15-45 feedback?

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Roland P New Member • Posts: 9
Re: Fuji XC 15-45 feedback?

You can set a focal lenght and it remembers last focal lenght when you turn the camera on and off. But setting the focal lenght is not straight forward. It only displays a bar in camera when shooting. I have not figured out how to get focal lenght in number when shooting at least.
  So to set a focal lenght you have to take a picture, then go to playback, open info display by pressing joystick/four-way button up, check the focal lenght and then repeat if you didn’t set it perfect. It also isn’t possible to set some focal lenght exactly so 34.8mm might be the closest to 35mm you can get (just a example on 35mm don’t got the lens in front of me), it’s fine but can be slightly annoying when setting up. 
  XC 15-45 lens barrel needs to extend when turning the camera on no matter the focal lenght. I don’t feel like it takes that long time but it’s slower than a prime. If you have your camera off and then quickly turn it on and snap a photo a lot, then I bet it would get annoying quickly.

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