32" or 34" 4K IPS Monitor

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Re: 32" or 34" 4K IPS Monitor

Firstly thanks for assisting.

CAcreeks wrote:

Melbourne Park wrote:

I had started out wanting USB-C due to its ease of use and its notebook charging capability.

I shudder to think USB-C might become necessary in the future, because it is non-durable in my cellphone experience. Far fewer plug-unplug cycles than specified.

That has not been my experience. My Macbook has four of them though. But my wife's HP notebook has just one USB=type C Thunderbolt port and she has used just that single port for charging, and it provides data and video/sound in Alt/Mode to a USB-Type C monitor. Her HP notebook is almost 3 years old too. IMO its better built than my Macbook Pro, although perhaps that's due to her not using it nearly as much as my 15.4 Pro. But IMO my macbook is just too thin.

I now think that an easy menu system and a responsive hand shake with a connected notebook is more important than USB-C. It seems Dell are higher up the tree on good software than the other three monitors mentioned. In Australia an LG 32" either is a VA monitor or its more expensive, due I think to being full Thunderbolt 3 input capable.

Is the LG 32UD not available in Australia? Here in the US it costs less than the HP Z-32. You did not specify which Dell model you were looking at, but said it's even more expensive.


The Dell I am considering is the Dell U3219Q. Its something like 18% more than my HP Z-32 price was (which was cheaper than the USA price at B&H). Although I got a good discount from HP support when I bought it, due to ringing HP support in regards to how well my wife's Elitebook with its low rent on CPU Intel 630 GPU would operate a 4 K monitor. In discussion the support lady in India offered my about 8% of HP's direct internet price. My wife's notebook is still under warranty. Maybe I should ring Dells support and query its monitor issues? Maybe they'll sell me one cheap? But they are not in stock at Dell Australia at the moment. Maybe that is why people are charging a lot for them.

In Australia LG's site says its been discontinued. They sell a VA - one with 750 in it; and a 950 version too which has IPS. I've read reports that the LG Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture is not good, which sounds like the HP's setup as well. I think HP uses LG for their screens too, so perhaps that is why the HP did not work.

Strangely Dell offer an IPS curved 43" 4k monitor which is just $100 more than the 32". But my wife is afraid of a bigger monitor. I have tried to convince her, but she won't listen.

I have a similar 27" model and find the HDMI sync to laptop works well. Four choices on the |[]| key including mirroring and extension. It was the top-rated 4K monitor on rtings.com.

No rotation unless you buy another stand, such as VESA.

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