Of the G1X IV, G3X II and the state of things...

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Re: Of the G1X IV, G3X II and the state of things...

AllFlawed wrote:

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Xshooter wrote:

I’d love the G1X IV to have a slightly wider lens, starting 20mm maybe, but physics won’t permit that in a small body

They can... However, once again, this is a niche market. The days of the DL 18-50 are now gone. You can do that with the M6 mark II (or M100/200) + 11-22 in a small package.

...Sad the DL series didn't make it. The DL 18-50 was unique, the DL 24-85 would've made it's way into my toolkit back then ( and I might still be shooting it) and the DL 24-500 is a true replacement to the G3X, without the bulk or hiccups of the RX10 IV.

The idea that Nikon were going to be able produce these 3 cameras simultaneously ranging from 18mm equivalent to a 500mm in one go from the start was pure fantasy from the start

Nikon certainly thought they could.

There is actually a real DL 18 to 50mm camera out there. Also there was a pre- production review on it.

I think they had problems with 4K and overheating..but nothing for certain.

Here's Nikons statement:


These three were more than ideas on a chalk board...they were geared up to run...but ' something' happened...something went wrong..what...Mmm..may never know.

But I believe these were never fantasy...or mere ideas...they planned on making and selling these..and made a few of them, so i recall/read.

Here's some links.....these tell me these three camera's were at one time intended...were mostly made and were about to be sold:




Talking about them as a true replacement without hiccups is nonsensical.

Why people even bother to talk about these things as though they have any relevance to real equipment that we can buy is totally beyond me.

Maybe because they were almost here....some really wanted at least one of these models...and some wish they still would make them .

One of the bigger disappointments in recent digital camera gear..for some of us.

Some hurts /wounds take longer to heal 

Man everytime someone mentions the DL series.. I feel bummed for a few moments

i so wanted the DL 18 to 50mm

Oh well...life goes on

Stay healthy


Really sad.

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