Bought a used Epson 3880 - no output at all

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Piezoflush and refillables are $220...

jrkliny wrote:

Go to Inkjetmall and order Piezo Flush and a set of refillable cartridges. Load up and let the machine soak in PF. It might take a while to get any flow but once it starts the lines and print head should clean up pretty quickly.

plus shipping and tax.

Depending upon how much The OP paid for the 3880, the amount of ink to remove the Piezoflush (Power Cleans) may require him to buy a set of new OEM cartridges (approximately $600). This could result into a money pit. Now if the ink switching valve fails as these printers are known to have happen more $$$$.

A refurbished P800 directly from Epson may look better total cost wise, works properly, comes with a 1year warranty, and 64 mL ink cartridges for $500. They are currently out of stock, but I have seen them come back so you need to look daily.

Bob P.

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