Considering adding a z6. Anyone unhappy with theirs?

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Re: Considering adding a z6. Anyone unhappy with theirs?

A Z7 and Z6 have effectively replaced my Nikon DSLRs–I've actually kept the D750 only to use with my favorite travel lens, the AF Nikkor 28-105/3.5-4.5D, which won't autofocus on the mirrorless cameras via FTZ adapter. (I'm really looking forward to the 24-105 on Nikon's lens roadmap which, if optically excellent, would allow me to move on fully from DSLRs.) I have only three significant issues with the Z cameras:

1. Banding in aggressively recovered shadows. I always favor highlights when setting exposure, meaning I often need to increase shadow exposure, which can in a very small minority of images uncover unpleasant-looking pattern banding. This is notable mostly for those coming from Nikon DSLRs, in which shadows are utterly free of banding of any kind. In all other regards, Z6 image quality is very much like the D750: Superb.

2. Lack of a vertical control grip. The battery grip Nikon released for the Z6 and Z7 is devoid of duplicate shooting controls. It's nothing more than a way to hold an additional battery. While it's great the Z cameras are so portable when I want to travel light, there are many times I'd prefer the additional purchase and controls for shooting in the vertical orientation afforded by a true vertical control grip.

3. Viewfinder magnification is too high to comfortably, consistently see the entire image area and relevant information displays at a single glance. I wish Nikon would offer the option of reduced finder display size, as Panasonic does with its LUMIX S1/S1R/S1H–it's just software, after all, and could be part of a future firmware update. I find the emphasis on maximum viewfinder magnification curious given, for decades, Nikon has wisely prioritized comfortable eye relief over the largest possible finder image. Indeed, their DSLRs have much friendlier (and functional) eye relief than the mirrorless full frame cameras released thus far.

Given your intended use, if battery life isn't a concern, I don't see any reason not to choose the Z6.

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