Canon 70-300l plus extension and teleconverter

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Re: Canon 70-300l plus extension and teleconverter

1Dx4me wrote:

Muggo wrote:

I have a 70-300l and know it can't be used with a teleconverter as part of the lens protrudes into the camera body.

  1. It got me wondering if adding a short extension tube (12mm) would give clearance so a Canon TC could fit.

My combo would be 70-300l, 12mm extension (with contacts), Canon 1.4TC Mk 3, 5Dmk4.

Has anyone tried this combo, would I still have 61 AF points and what's the IQ like?

i wouldn't mess with that unless i know exactly how it works, the result would be a costly damage to the camera! one alternative would be to contact canon service shop and get their opinion not here where no one knows or has the knowledge to give you a confident and definitive answer.

Where I'm coming from is the 70-300 innards protrude out the back & can catch on the TC at certain focal lengths.  That's why they are incompatible.  By adding an extender (12mm or 25mm) which has no glass in the middle between lens & TC would give "clearance" so nothing from the lens could possibly catch on the TC.

I'm not saying it would report accurate lens settings, but just wondered if anyone had tried it.  I'd only buy a Canon 1.4 TC Mk3 as I don't want to mess around with 3rd party TCs.

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