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Re: Let's put some things straight

Vieri Bottazzini wrote:

joeletx wrote:

JakeJY wrote

I don't think that's a fair characterization. What actually happened is one member posted his pictures. Another member took it to edit it and repost the edits. The OP asked her not to do it, multiple times across many threads and many instances. She absolutely refused to do so, despite many requests, saying it wasn't in the rules. The moderator ended up having to add it in the rules under the section of being civil. If she would have common courtesy and heeded the multiple requests, then this rule wouldn't be necessary.

This rule isn't a full ban, just having an explicit mention there to prevent a similar incident.

If people wanted to edit someone's photo, even if OP didn't post something saying edits are allowed, how hard is it just to post a comment asking permission first?

I have never seen 'Vieri' allows anyone to edit his images as he is 'Vieriiiii' proud of his images. I am not saying that is wrong, but he seems to shut all eyes and ears on critics. Once, he refused to accept the fact that his image was obviously Vieri tilted horizontally.

Don't quit your day job, Joel. Trying, very poorly if you ask me, to make fun of someone by ridiculing their name when you don't have any other arguments, says a lot about you, and very little about me

Now, about my so-called refusal to listen to critics, as many said here as well that is not true. I do listen and answer, as promptly as I can. In particular:

1. The horizon in that image was in fact straight, I even posted a crop clearly showing so, and yet people kept going on that is was tilted. Unfortunately, just keep repeating something doesn't make it so, and while my crop was there to prove that I was correct, a certain crowd kept going on... talk about denying the truth. So, not only I do listen to critics, but I even went through the process of making an enhanced crop to help them see the horizon more clearly, since in the posted photo it was a bit difficult to notice;

2. The lighthouse wasn't oval at all, was made slightly taller by the use of a wide-angle, a very well know effect to anyone understanding the proprieties of optics, and a choice I did on purpose as I explained in the thread. When challenged, in the thread I offered a detailed explanation for my choice, so again not only it is not true that I didn't listen to critics, I happily engaged in a conversation about my reasons for my choices;

In general, I am very happy to discuss artistic choices and of course I have no problem with people not liking my approach to photography, like i.e. Jozef here. In his case too, the choice of language he uses when he talks about me and my work are telling more about him than they say about me. Back to photography, I do what I do the way I do because that's my interpretation of the landscape I see, an interpretation I have been working on fo a long time and one that keeps evolving, and I am always very happy to discuss my choice and learn from others and their point of view.

Speaking about photographic technique, while we all can make mistakes of course, I do pay a lot of attention while creating and editing my photos. I work in the field six months a year, and work on editing the rest of my time. Thing is, I sell my images - and to be able to do so they must be technically as flawless as possible. In particular, I check my horizons with great care, blowing my images up to 200% and enhancing contrast when needed, to make sure it is correct. As well, I choose my lenses with a purpose, wide-angles or otherwise - of course, I appreciate that my choices won't appeal to everyone aesthetically, and I have no problems with that. That said, I'd rather talk about the artistic effect of them (if someone is equipped to do that), about aesthetics, history of art and the like,, rather than being told it is a "mistake" just because one doesn't "like" something, or because someone doesn't understand the reasons behind a particular choice.

About editing other people's work, after 25 years of teaching I simply arrived at the conclusion that it is not useful to help others. If interested, feel free to see here for my full reasoning: - this is why I kept asking, in the most polite and civil way possible, that people didn't edit my photos.

About being here to promote my work and "for the money" as someone keep saying, that is not only slanderous but blatantly untrue - someone even went as far as saying that I get paid to mention my gear, which doesn't make any sense of course - if I could get paid by Leica, Hasselblad, Pentax, Nikon and all the camera brands I used to create the images I post here, at the same time, it would make me the best influencer ever The only brand I am currently an Ambassador of is Formatt-Hitech, but saying that I get paid every time I mention them only means not having any idea about how an Ambassadorship program work. I wish that were true, but sadly it is not. Most important of all, ask yourself why, if people thinks I am breaking any forum rule by mentioning the gear used to create an image (in a forum dedicated to gear discussion!), rather than reporting my posts and let DPR decide they choose to go down the route of insulting and slander instead.

Last, about how to deal with the new rule. Technically speaking, there is a very easy solution to post under the new rule: an OP wanting his photos to be edited just need to add "Photo OK to edit" in his post, thus authorising edits and voiding the need for "asking for permission" by every single person who wanted to offer an edit.

Hope this helps clarifying some things. Best regards,

Thanks, Vieri - I appreciate that clarification. As someone who occasionally 'improves' images of those who ask for help, I see this a limiting the helpfulness of these fora.

At the same time, I agree that there's nothing more insulting than the person who comes in uninvited with improvements to ones images where it was just "sharing"!



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