How many of you enjoy shooting with the "older" models?

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Re: How many of you enjoy shooting with the "older" models?

Michael Meissner wrote:

Ben Herrmann wrote:

I know, I know - we all (well most of us, that is) look forward to the next best thing - the latest and greatest, if you will! It's just human nature, but for many of us, constantly trying to obtain the next newest release can eventually lead to "being broke."

The cameras in my current rotation are. Some of these are older cameras, but I might have picked them up recently:

  • Stylus-1: While I just got the FZ300 to replace it, I still tend to gravitate towards the Stylus-1 as a jacket camera where I need some zoom.
  • LX-10: This is meant to be my jacket camera where I need low light capability. But I still tend to be an Olympus guy, and I've been having problems using the Panasonic cameras and their metering methods.
  • FZ-300: I just got this as a vacation camera when I don't want to take the full shoulder bag. It has an OLED viewfinder, so I can actually see it with polarized sunglasses on. It is my second most used camera in 2018.
  • G85: I got this originally due to the OLED viewfinder (E-m5 mark I/II, E-m1 mark I/II and Stylus-1 have a TFT LCD viewfinder that has problems when you wear polarized sunglasses). When I do video, this is the camera I use. But, I still run into the Panasonic metering issues (where people in white shirts get highlight blowouts by default) that I see in my other Panasonic cameras, so I use it less often.
  • E-m1 mark I. I got this as cheaper to use with the 50-200mm than the 40-150mm pro lens. It is my most heavily used camera. I was without my precious for about 4 weeks to get the shutter repaired. While the EVF is an issue, I prefer it over the G85.
  • E-m10 mark II. I bought this solely for the OLED viewfinder with Olympus setup instead of Panasonic. I carefully watch the outlet store, until an E-m10 mark II showed up for $300, and I just got it yesterday.

Hi Michael, was wondering where you are holding with these today?
My Em1.1 is several years old now and has some very nice wear on the finish around the thumb grip and front control dial as well as some scuffs on the hotshoe and the corners of the bottom plate. It's not going anywhere.
And neither is my Fuji. I am also shooting the original X100 which also shows signs of abuse. More so than the Olympus.
I'd love to upgrade but camera prices outside the US are quite high. Also, the economy is not at it's best right now - lol.

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