Two legendary Nikon, the Nikon D2X (2005) and the Nikon D3S (2009)

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Re: "Pixel acuity"

Come on Iliah, you know there is no point in discussing anything with fprime.

At last count, he knows more than at least two if not three lens designers, one or two sensor designers, a software engineer who does code for raw conversion, and at half a dozen people in the engineering/testing community with credentials in things photographic. So he's obviously the king of the hill and knows more than all of us combined. Which is hilarious, of course, given the smartest people I've ever known in photography (a color scientist from Agfa film when I was at RIT, or Leslie Stroebel of View Camera Technique fame, etc) knew one area pretty well and admitted they didn't know everything about everything.

Fprime of course knows it all and everyone else is clueless. Yea, right.

Sarcasm meter +1 quadrillion...

It's been a lot of years since I owned a D2X - and I will give fprime this - its "default color" out of the box with no mucking around was pleasant (a subjective word), but my memory is that it had a rather strong AA filter and when I go back and look at my D2X files, they all need a considerable amount of capture sharpening. Nice camera in its day, but I don't miss it, and certainly wouldn't give up my D800E/D850 pairing to go back to it, like, ever.


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