Of the G1X IV, G3X II and the state of things...

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G5X II: The apex of pocketable Canon point and shoots?

MaartenSFS wrote:

I think that you underestimate the effect of this pandemic. Do we even know if camera manufacturers' R&D departments are fully-staffed right now? Like the film industry, there may be a year-long delay of new product releases, which may not affect this year as much as next year, and plans may have been scrapped. I reckon that if there aren't any new announcements within a month or two that there won't be any in rhe near future. I'm so glad that I sold my DSLR kit and bought my G5X II just before the pandemic hit. Probably won't be able to upgrade for quite some time...

Yes and no. Japan, was one of the only countries to not shut down their economy, South Korea being the other. And both are doing quite well.

However, the (global) demand drop, a steep one at that, with an already under-fire point and shoot market from smartphones, means it may shift Canon's (presumably already meager) plans.

R&D efforts, if they can be done remotely, like software development, have actually taken off in this time. I've seen more updates on my Asus router, Canon's webcam tool, and the like in my industry; I'm finding the opposite: more "R&D" work is actually getting done in this time. Now there is reduced production though as literal factories are unmanned, but Japan has seen the least impact in this regard as once again, they've refused to shut things down in this time.

Now, all that said, I gather the G5X Mark II is an apex product... We may not see a better fast-lens large sensor zoom on the market for a while, or frankly ever, due to the shrinking and shifting nature of the market. The G1X Mark III looked to be "it" for a while, and then this came alongside it.

I'm actually just as impressed today with the G5X Mark II, as when I bought it. Highly recommended if you want a one-stop shop camera that can fit in a pocket.

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