Lenses for a sci-fi look? Fantasy?

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Re: Lenses for a sci-fi look? Fantasy?

mclewis wrote:

S1shooter wrote:

My question is - which lenses can you recommend for a filmmaker going for a lush, saturated, contrast look similar to Pan's Labyrinth? How about something cooler, and more tranquil like Moonlight? And what about something with that child-like wondrous blue a.l.a. E.T.?


The lens will have absolutely nothing to do with the above. That will all be down to scene lighting and editing in post production.

While I totally agree, I believe cinematographers have this obsession with exotic lenses, which I suppose is where the OP got the idea that it's the lens. It's unfortunate the lens means so little; it would be so much easier if you could just buy the look you're after.

To the OP, look up cinematic lighting and post processing. IMHO, that's where youll get the most impact on your photographs. It will also offer you a more profound understanding of how the "emotion" is produced and give you a better basis for communicating your vision to the crew. You are in effect trying to learn a whole new language. It will be fun, I promise.

I suppose an "S1" is a Panasonic camera? Just to avoid confusion with the Fujifilm S1 Pro.

Good luck and good light.

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