Opinion. What's Old Is New Again

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Re: Opinion. What's Old Is New Again

viska wrote:

It Could or it Couldn't,it Will but it Wont!

Whatever they release it will be a Pentax and the PHanbois will be all over it.

Fuji is leading Apsc by a fair way in "all rounder",4 different models to choose from and 2 predicted over the next 9 months.The D500 has been smoked in many aspects(not buffer),so Ricoh have a steep hill to climb.

It'll be interesting how good they can do it?

Agreed, Fuji are nailing apsc

But in respect to the OP, maybe the new Pentax will be the best DSLR out there ....

whether that really matter or not is a matter for us to 'pay our tickets and watch the show'

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