Opinion. What's Old Is New Again

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Re: Opinion. What's Old Is New Again

ozdean wrote:

You are right - Pentax have always been Photographer's Cameras.

I'm not quite sure that you really mean "photographers" cameras Dean ?

That's a pretty broad statement and a quintessential response from many Pentaxians.

I think you have to dig a bit deeper than that, because while I am reading between the lines of what your saying and part of me is nodding...... the guy with the Fuji or the Nikon using a manual focus lens on his Df or Xt2 might have a bit to say about that and many of those other brands have their legacy style and highly regarded lenses.

  • Solidly built,
  • not relying on blistering speed,
  • nicely crafted bodies,
  • Lenses that don't do MTF charts but have an indescribable feel,
  • feature sets that go the opposite way to the most, and
  • Not following the masses.

People that aren't in a hurry but enjoy taking time with their images, which includes Pentax owners but most definitely does not preclude any other brand user.

Because we who shoot with camera's are all photographers.

It's a bit like preferring a Jag to a Porsche maybe ???

Pentax have a leaning towards a style of photography, which doesn't give them exclusive right to that genre.

I've been to the dark side (Nikon) and I've shot with a Praktika, Canon and Fuji and have had success and enjoyment with all.

Maybe Pentaxians in general just prefer a bit of craftsmanship, un-hurried shooting, solid feel and features that works more particularly for their style ...??

Or is it really just a bit of emotion in there 

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