Opinion. What's Old Is New Again

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Re: Opinion. What's Old Is New Again

JasonTheBirder wrote:

Well, I really doubt the DSLR is going away. Pentax is sticking with their niche and that's great. There's a place for it.


But there is no way I would ever buy the new Pentax for birding.

Birding has a couple of main sub genre's.

1. People who do a lot of BIF; and

2. Like myself shoot birds in and around branches or in the water.

For BIF, you can use Pentax but the keeper rate is limited. For the other I mentioned, Pentax is perfectly adequate and we have some excellent examples on this forum.

Not only will the D500 smoke it guaranteed, but Pentax just doesn't have the lens lineup. As for weather sealing, the D500 is pretty weather sealed already.

I think it will take an almighty effort for Pentax to come close to the D500's AF, however in the "ball park" means a gigantic step forward for Pentaxians and a camera that would still be very very capable; however

If all you consider the D500 for is AF, then it's a one-trick pony ( and maybe a pony I wouldn't mind in my stable), however

The new Pentax coming out will most likely have a 26mp sensor, with pixel shift and IBIS, not to mention any other goodies that Pentax may deem important.

So in all around terms the new Pentax could "smoke" the D500. As regards AF, we will have to see how much smoke ...........

There is more to a camera than pure AF performance ( as many of the faithfull will gladly tell you).... and it's absolutely true if your a walkabout, landscape, still life, street shooter of which there are a HUGE number in the overall marketplace.

I Loved the feel of the D500 as do I the D7500. I think the Nikon bodies have a nice balance of size and weight. Much is made of the Pentax ergonomics by the faithful and while I agree to a point, I find my pinky finger goes missing with the K5/K3 series and while some love the weighty feel, they could be described as tanks.....

The birding lens line up has limited modern 3rd party support. The old Bigma is getting a little long in the tooth, therefore you are restricted to Pentax's own DA300, or 55-300, plus the DA560 or the 150-450.

Certainly not restricted on quality and the newer PLM version of the 55-300 is a 'peach' by all accounts. Just missing the Sigma and Tamron options.

Could the new Pentax be the 'all round' camera that is the best crop DSLR ever to grace the market ??   hmmmm possibly.....

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