Of the G1X IV, G3X II and the state of things...

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Re: Of the G1X IV, G3X II and the state of things...

Rohith Thumati wrote:

Assuming the pandemic doesn’t end the compact camera market that cell phones already decimated, I’m hopeful that someone makes a true great travel/hiking camera - something reasonably compact, with a large sensor (4/3 or APS-C) and fairly bright zoom (f/4 on the tele end or brighter). I’m not sure pocketability is required, but being small and light enough to throw in a sling (which seem increasingly common) is. The G1X III is close, and had I been able to do it over again, I might have bought that instead of my LX100 II, but the dim lens turned me off. If Canon were to make a "G1X IV” that put a brighter lens in a slighter larger body, dropped their new APS-C sensor and DIGIC processor in, and kept all of the other good things from the G1X III (i.e., articulating screen, EVF, weather sealing, etc.), that would probably fit the bill.

Re: the G3X - I’m really surprised Canon hasn’t made a mark II yet. Superzooms are the one bright spot in compact camera sales, apparently. I read somewhere that the P1000 and RX10 series are both good sellers.

I went through the same path. Got the LX100 II instead of the G1X mark III and regretted it. The Lumix turned out to be plagued by build issues. Zoom mechanism would jam in colder weather. By cold I mean around 15 degrees Celsius, and at one time I noticed a hair inside the lens element. Being a small camera, I took it everywhere with me, wherever I went and hikes as well. Therefore with such issues it was a no go. Sold it and waiting for the G1X Mark III to arrive. Can’t wait for a potential successor since I don’t have a camera. But I do also hope that if there should be a Mark IV, it would keep the same formula with a better lens. Hopefully a 24-100 f2.8-4. I wouldn’t care less if the camera wouldn’t fit in a large pocket as long as they don’t compromise on lens quality. Such a camera shouldn’t weigh more than 700g anyway, which is fine. I think it would find a market since such a lens doesn’t exist on Eos m. Let alone weather resistance. I wouldn’t really ask for the new higher megapixel sensor. 24mpx is fine and have faster burst rate and deeper buffer.

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