Want a new wildlife lens?

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Re: Want a new wildlife lens?

Back to reality, I have been photographing birds around Australia for more than 60 years and my website has more than 5500 images as a result.

So I ask the question which is the aperture I have most used in all this time?


To me that is the ideal aperture to achieve optimum depth of field, shutter speed and lowest ISO. I only resort to f/8 or 11 if I want to keep two or more subjects in focus.

Perhaps just as important is you don't have to spend a fortune.

That is why Nikon's 500 PF f/5.6 is one of the best long  lenses they have ever made and so popular that they have difficulty in keeping up the supply.

To each his own. This is Australia where light levels are good most of the time.

A well exposed blur is no good to anybody, so I appreciate the need of f/2.8 to keep shutter speeds high enough in places with low light levels.

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