Does anyone know what type USB plug Oly E-M10 Mk II uses?

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Re: Does anyone know what type USB plug Oly E-M10 Mk II uses?

jfiresto wrote:

Michael Meissner wrote:

Peter 1745 wrote:

Perhaps the Arduino should borrow from the days of Royal Navy battleships, where the command was "Shoot". "Fire" was reserved for reporting a conflagration, often as a consequence of enemy shells hitting the ship.

Since "fire" is what I use, and I wrote the sketch for my own amusement, fire is what I use. As I said, it is easily changed in the source.

I saw "steampunk" in your post and thought the device might have a wider audience. (My sister attends steampunk cons.)


It is a sketch that I wrote for my steampunk camera that has been evolving over the last 8 years or so.  I wrote the app, but never really used it.

Here is a picture of the current large version of the camera:

Steampunk camera

The idea is to have representation of things in a modern cell phone camera.

  • In this case, the camera is E-m5 mark I
  • Lens is classic 4/3rds 14-54mm mark II + MMF-3 adapter
  • The two squirrels (Livinea & Nutzo) are an artist and photographer couple
  • The dragon (Snap) is the lookout
  • The angry birds and ballista are for playing games
  • The octopus (Madeline Pomphrey III or MP3) does music
  • The beaver (Eva) does math with a slide rule and has a sextant for location
  • The raccoon (Racky) has a telegraph key and tool box
  • The rubber duck (Dr. quackenstien) is a mad scientist.

In this case, the telegraph key is not hooked up, but I could add the Teensy to re-enable the setup.

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