Does anyone know what type USB plug Oly E-M10 Mk II uses?

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Re: Raspberry pi? It could do it with wifi

techie takes pics wrote:

excitron wrote:

Thanks for your replies. The only controls I need are remote triggering and shutter control. The camera will be part of an astrophotography setup, connected to a Pi 4 computer running Astroberry. I am going to try to see if I can get a generic INDI driver to control the Oly's exposures via Ekos and PHD2 . Failing that, I will get a wireless intervalometer , which apparently has the correct connecting USB head for the E-M10 Mk II.
I highly doubt that USB plug is proprietary, it's just non-standard. So I need to find out what USB version it is, and hope I can find something about .5-1 ft long to connect from the Oly to the Pi that will be right next to it.

Using a Pi? Try it with wifi. When you connect a laptop to the cameras wifi, this command

tells you which commands the camera supports. Then it's a matter of working out how to parameterize those.

Example: This lists the main image directory:

here's a way to retrieve a specific file:

I have not yet tried to get it to take a photo, but this looks like the place to start:

<cgi name="exec_shutter">
<http_method type="get">
<cmd1 name="com">
<param1 name="1stpush"/>
<param1 name="2ndpush"/>
<param1 name="1st2ndpush"/>
<param1 name="2nd1strelease"/>
<param1 name="2ndrelease"/>
<param1 name="1strelease"/>

In the OPC manual that was released with the Olympus AIR A01, there is no exec_shutter command. Presumably it has been added in newer cameras.

On pages 78-79, the exec_takemotion.cgi command is described. There are 3 sub-commands:

  • com (required)
  • point (set up focus point)
  • upperlimit (# of continuous pictures to take)

The com sub-command has 4 options:

  • newstarttake - start shooting photo
  • newstoptake - stop shooting photo
  • newstartmovietake - start shooting video
  • newstopmovietake - stop shooting video

One problem with Olympus wifi control is the Olympus camera wants to be the wifi master.  You might need to establish the Pi to be on two separate wifi networks, one for normal processing and the other to talk to the camera.

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