Viltrox 23mm 1.4 - About optical limits review (not just reading the final rating)

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Viltrox 23mm 1.4 - About optical limits review (not just reading the final rating)

After reading the threads about the optical limits rating for the Viltrox 23mm 1.4, i decided to read some more reviews before deciding if i would Exchange my XF f2 for it.

I wanted na 1.4 as i shot a lot indoors at home (documenting family life for exemple).

So i went back to read OL full review, and noticed some importante points. People mostly resume they input to "its better then…" or "its worst then...", and base their comment in the final rating.

Viltrox 23mm f1.4 vs XF 23mm f2

Less vignetting 0.9 vs 2.64 (over 1.5 stops difference at f2)

Resolution at f2 (Viltrox first):
Center: 3429 vs 2709
Border: 1982 vs 2459

Resolution at f4 (Viltrox first):
Center: 3584 vs 3102
Border: 3027 vs 2675

Chromatic Aberrations at f2: 1.71 vs 0.53
Chromatic Aberrations at f4: 0.62 vs 0.44

So the viltrox beats the XF23mm f2 except for resolution on borders at f2 and also have more CA at f2 (at f4 difference is very small)

CA correction affects less the image quality than vignetting correction, considering the start point is 2.64 stops (uooowww).

Viltrox 23mm f1.4 vs XF23mm f1.4

Less vignetting 1.32 vs 2.04 (2/3 of a stop difference)

Resolution at f1.4 (Viltrox first):
Center: 3129 vs 2628
Border: 1861 vs 2099

Resolution at f2.8 (Viltrox first):
Center: 3719 vs 2943
Border: 2735 vs 2352

Resolution at f5.6 (Viltrox first):
Center: 3314 vs 2975
Border: 2971 vs 2666

Chromatic Aberrations at f1.4: 2.09 vs 0.78
Chromatic Aberrations at f2.8: 0.92 vs 0.55

So the Viltrox has better resolution power (much better actually in center). Also has 2/3 of a stop less vignetting wide open.

Issue again is CA wide open, which again, can be corrected in post.

Important notes from Opticallimits in the comments of the review:

"Also - the ratings for the Fujinon will also be much lower in the scope of the 26mp-based tests. The very same happened when we transitioned to the EOS 5Ds R from the EOS 5D II. Unfortunately, lenses don't scale quite as good as sensors."

"However, based on our experience with the test transitions (it wasn't the first one really) suggests that the Fujinon remains better at f/1.4 and f/2. We'll see. Markus is planning some re-tests but this will take a while."

These comments they made in reply to users are also very importante. They imply that the resolution of the Fujis will lower when tested in the 26mpix sensor (both seem to have been tested in 16mpix, the 23mm f2 in an x-pro1 and the 23mm f1.4 on an X-E1).

They plan to measure the ratings for the fuji XF lenses in a newer sensor, we just don't know when.

Point is, analyse the information provided and not only the final rating. Comparing final ratings is missleading, and this applies for every product you can buy.

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