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Re: Post a link to the item?

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I'm sure henryp will be along shortly. Get your transaction number ready.

Are you sure you read the item description? ...because B&H is usually not viewed as shady. They're more often the more stand-up retailers.


Yes, really.

I'm guessing you never Googled "B&H Lawsuit."

Every company makes mistakes. A good company has a low percentage of mistakes and works hard to make things right.

B&H does a very large volume of business. Even with a very low error rate, there are going to be some errors.

My experience, and the experience of many who post here, is that B&H is an honest and trustworthy company. They don't try to deceive or cheat.

My impression is that B&H delivers what they promise. If they can't deliver what they promise, they'll refund your money.

Now, they rarely "over deliver". You probably won't get more than what you were promised.

In terms of various law suits, I haven't seen any that allege that B&H mistreated customers. The most recent suit I saw revolves a fine detail in New York sales tax law. If B&H discounts a $100 camera by $25, they charge sales tax on the $75 selling price. However, if they call the discount an "instate rebate", the state of New York want's them to charge consumers sales tax on the $100 selling price, not the actual sales price of $75. Tax laws can be complicated, and it is not clear whether or not the state is correct. However, even if B&H turns out to be wrong on this issue, I would not characterize their actions as "shady". On the other hand, it strikes me as "shady" for the state of New York to demand that the consumer pay sales tax on $100, when the camera only cost $75.

In NY, sales tax applies to the price before rebate.  Now this is off- topic but if you want to know about New York State being "shady", try this one on for size: when Mario Cuomo was governor, he had a law passed that made out-of-state residents who worked in NY pay NY State income tax. However, if that person had a spouse who worked, NY would calculate how much tax was owed based on the combined income of both sides, even if one spouse didn't work in NY.

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