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Re: It may take a while...

windsprite wrote:

Isabel Cutler wrote:

but she will get over it.

When my daughter was a teenager all the kids interjected "I was LIKE" or She was LIKE" ad nauseum.

It's ad nauseam - spelled with an "a", not a "u."

Sorry, Isabel! One of my own pet peeves ....


I think 'ad nauseum' is a different term.

It refers to an advertisement in a museum that makes one nauseous...  and it is important to have a term for those because.....

My son for a long time, even as an adult couldn't construct a sentence without the word "basically".

It's contagious.

How about people who always have to put "You know" into every sentence?

Maddeningly boring!

Sorry I really don't have a good answer for you.


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