Laptop broke. Can iPad Pro work as my photography tool?

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Re: Laptop broke. Can iPad Pro work as my photography tool?

I use a 128gb iPad 6 (9.7”) for photography. Use LR CC and PS. Delighted with it. If you’re driven to a Pro by Adobe's marketing, it’s not the only solution. The 6 is plenty quick enough. The Lightning port works just fine (I injest directly to the CC folder in iCloud Drive using the Files app). 
I travel 4 to 6 months a year. Been doing it for over 20 years. Haven’t dragged a laptop along since the iPad I was introduced. With iPadOS, the iPad is a near equivalent to a laptop. I frequently am at my desk, push the keyboard to my Mac away and do my normal computer work on the iPad. iCloud Drive has my Desktop and Documents folder on it. So it’s always up to date and available on the 5 Apple devices I use.

That I know of, there are good workflow write-ups on DPR (but maybe not this forum), MacRumors and the m43 forum. Avoid sites/blogs with buy me links splattered all over the place. The write ups are generally poor, at best. 
Good luck.

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