Does anyone know what type USB plug Oly E-M10 Mk II uses?

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Re: Does anyone know what type USB plug Oly E-M10 Mk II uses?

excitron wrote:

Thanks for your replies. The only controls I need are remote triggering and shutter control. The camera will be part of an astrophotography setup, connected to a Pi 4 computer running Astroberry. I am going to try to see if I can get a generic INDI driver to control the Oly's exposures via Ekos and PHD2 . Failing that, I will get a wireless intervalometer , which apparently has the correct connecting USB head for the E-M10 Mk II.
I highly doubt that USB plug is proprietary, it's just non-standard. So I need to find out what USB version it is, and hope I can find something about .5-1 ft long to connect from the Oly to the Pi that will be right next to it.

I clipped this link from 4-5 years ago. Olympus had documented the protocol for connecting an Olympus AIR A01 camera, and provided sample Android/Iphone apps to control the AIR A01. I believe it uses the same protocol these days. Somebody wrote a python script to connect to it:

The documentation and APK's are no longer on the Olympus site. I'll send you a private mail with the location of the zip file with the documentation and APK's. I never used this information.

The plug that Olympus used for most of the later DSLR's (starting with the E-500, but not the E-3/E-5), and the Pens/OM-Ds is an Olympus specific cable with 12 pins. It is not a standard USB cable.  Sure, you can connect 4 of the pins (ground, 5v, D-, D+) to a standard USB-2 cable to get a USB cable.
Some people made cable mods to bring out USB, audio/video, and shutter release all at the same time.  For awhile, Olympus sold a Y-cable, which provided USB and video for use with their software at the time for the E-x cameras.  You would connect the camera to the computer with the USB cable, and you would use a frame grabber on the computer to display the video (since USB-2 is too slow for video), but unfortunately they did not include a shutter release connection.

For a time there were also remote units that combined shutter release and video.  I have two of those units somewhere.  I should try it out on the E-m10 mark II.  I suspect that once Olympus started enabling live view via HDMI they dropped the old analog video live view.

Starting with the E-m1 mark II and E-m10 mark III, the USB cable that connects with the cameras is now either USB micro-B (E-m10 mark III, E-m5 mark III, E-PL10, maybe E-PL9) or USB-C (E-m1 mark II/III, E-m1x).

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