EM5iii hits the buffers?

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Re: EM5iii hits the buffers?

challenger12 wrote:

When I got an EM5iii in November to replace my ageing EM5ii, I was slightly disappointed at the build quality in comparison to all the previous models (EM1, PEN-F, EM5 etc. etc.). But I liked the specs and the improved layout, and it performed as expected. Fast forward a few months and I started to notice annoying glitches. The “improved” focussing would occasionally go off on a hunting trip at the most inopportune of moments. The usually quiet whir of the IBIS would occasionally hum like an angry bee and could only be reset by taking the battery out. All things were tolerated as they were intermittent and solvable. The final straw came on Friday when I noticed the baseplate had succumbed to the dreaded cracking around the tripod bush. Ironically, I usually keep an Arca plate attached for mounting on a tripod but mainly to help protect the baseplate. Before anyone asks, I’ve been super careful attaching the plate since the first reports of the baseplate problem arose and I don’t use a Capture Clip. In my forty years of photography, with probably a similar number of cameras of all shapes and sizes passing through my hands, I’ve never come across this issue. My old EM5ii may look like it’s been run over by a bus, but the baseplate remains intact. Maybe the naysayers were right all along and Olympus has consciously downgraded the EM5 range with the mark 3?

This is rather unfortunate, thank you for sharing. I keep wanting to consider the E-M5 III, as it checks so many different boxes for me: small and lightweight, newest Oly sensor, great IBIS, high res mode. But given that I use a PD capture clip (which the OP didn't even use, by the way), this camera is obviously a no-go for me. Damn shame!

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