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Ifixit wrote:

Thank you! I didnt know that the canon was compatibel with ttl flash?

The Canon cable is compatible, not Canon flashes. The Olympus flash shoe used to have 3 small contacts plus a large central one. Olympus added a 4th small contact to their hot shoe to provide power to the FL-LM3 flash. Some Panasonic cameras also have this 4th small contact.

Canon hotshoes also have 4 small contacts in the same positions as the Olympus ones but the communication protocol is different from Olympus.

Since flash cables are just wires that transmit the signals, a Canon type cord mounted on an Olympus camera can transfer the Olympus protocol signals to an attached flash. If the attached flash is compatible with Olympus it will work. If it isn't (e.g. a Canon flash) it won't.

If you are using an Olympus camera or flash that only has 3 small contacts, you can still use the Canon type cable with 4 small contacts as the 4th contact will not receive/transmit a signal.

Canon type flash cables which are often called OC-E3 and are widely available on eBay and will work on Olympus cameras.

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