WILDLIFE CAM recommendation?

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Re: WILDLIFE CAM recommendation?

gs85739az wrote:

Thanks, a security cam or "weather" cam might be more than sufficient. I like the idea of wifi cam because I don't want to remove/install flash drives all the time..

I presume the big empty field to the east of our house has various birds/critters. We've seen javelina, bobcat, deer, various rodents, birds/pheasant, quail, and even a BIG mountain lion footprint in our backyard before the house was built!

Since we have an in ground pool, I believe some/all of these critters uses our pool as the local watering hole...

For a WiFi or ethernet outdoor security camera, it will still need a powered router to connect to in the house to download or transfer data / image files.

IF the camera & system is powered all the time, via batteries or AC, then still having an SD card in the camera (built in or removeable) is great as otherwise, unless it's constantly recording to a HDD in your house, then you would miss motion triggered events if the camera does not have an SD card. I don't keep my set up powered all the time as I cannot afford to.

WiFi also can be slower (a lot) to download large video files than ethernet downloads or streaming & of course downloads consume power & streaming or large downloads could eat up a WiFi battery pretty quickly. The camera SD card could capture motion events if the camera has power, but not connected to your WiFi router. I never remove the SD card in my security camera, but I could, some are built in. I just download the files not viewed. Also, ethernet would be more secure than WiFi if you were in an area near public traffic or neighbours.

I opted for a POE (Power over Ethernet) camera, as the connection is fast, the distance can be several times longer than WiFi, unless the WiFi had powered extenders & POE Cat 5 or higher cable can be extremely inexpensive compared to WiFi options. As well, POE cameras are usually less expensive & higher quality than WiFi, as they are much simpler.

Depends too on your in house computer wireless set up. But IME, WiFi sounds good on paper, but not as good in real life as being wired. LOTS of hype with this stuff & the more hype, the more cost or the less performance in real life conditions.

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