DP2M forgets date/time settings quickly after battery removal

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Yes, for SD1M...

Mattanja wrote:

Hi folks,

I noticed that my DP2M used to keep the date/time settings for days when it was new. Now that the camera is almost 4 years old, it takes only minutes to forget the settings upon removal. I try to keep the battery out when not in use for more than a week to keep the capacitor as fresh as possible, but it seems to be of no effect.

Anyone out there with a similar experience? Any remedy for this (minor) issue?

Thanks and kind regards,


Yes, mid last year for my camera, exactly as you describe. No matter how fast the battery was changed, it lost its date/time settings. - Most annoying!!!I am pretty sure it also lost its micro AF settings. I was told that it was a crook capacitor, and it had to be sent to Σ Japan (through the local distributor) for repair. It took about 6 weeks, but it was over Christmas, so who knows... Anyway, it was like new when returned, as I asked them to also clean the sensor. It happened after 8 years of use.

And all of this cost a mere $120 AU, - So the worst was the wait, and that was still acceptable.

I did write about it here, but more than 4 months ago, so I can't (easily) find the post.


PS: On your other point, I always keep the battery in, but I think they shouldn't be left to go flat.

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