trying to decide xps 15 or lenovo yoga 14

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Re: trying to decide xps 15 or lenovo yoga 14

I've recently moved to an XPS 15 9560 (i7 quad-core, 16GB, 1TB, 4k screen) and rate it pretty highly.

The battery life is indeed average with the 4k screen - about 4hrs with a medium workload.

The 4k screen is amazing though. Consider it a time-saver - you no longer need to zoom in on every photo to see if you nailed focus as the screen is so detailed that most of the time you can tell at a glance. It's a joy to use.

A friend had a high-res Yoga, but the screen had nasty yellow tint issues and was pretty unusable for Lightroom even though the rest of the laptop was well-spec'd.

I am jealous of the Lenovo keyboards though. Had an X1 Carbon a number of years ago and it was the best keyboard I've ever used. The XPS 15 has a great keyboard too, but I really like those physical PgUp/Dn and Home/End keys that Lenovo stuff everywhere.

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