How to make bracketing start from the base exposure

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Michael W00d Senior Member • Posts: 1,018
Re: How to make bracketing start from the base exposure

sybersitizen wrote:

Michael W00d wrote:

I don't follow this. With my A7Riii, bracketing always produces the order: 0, minus, plus, which is exactly as I set it in the menu. I have never had problems with bracket settings/order with this camera nor with any of the other 5 Sony cameras I have owned.

Read the OP again. The question is not about the order of shots.

It's about the offsets of exposure changes from the initial exposure setting. The offsets always go in two different directions from the initial setting rather than allowing a choice of only up or only down.

Well perhaps you could read the words with which I started my post. I read and then repeatedly read the OP’s post and could not, and still cannot, interpret the words as you have now interpreted them. Had he written them in that format I would have responded differently - just apply an exposure correction before bracketing starts.

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