RX100Va vs. new Sony ZV-1

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Re: RX100Va vs. new Sony ZV-1

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I own the RX100Va. Is the ZV-1 essential an upgrade to the RX100Va? Does the RX100Va have anything over the ZV-1?

The ZV-1 is designed for vloggers, it can take stills like a normal RX, but the controls are arranged differently. No mode dial etc. The emphasis is on video and video selfie mode.

It has lost two dials compared to the RX100s, so seems much more intended for automatic operation.

The firmware and sensor have been updated to match what seems to be in the RX100M7, but of course has the same lens as the RX100M5A.

No, the sensor is the same as the RX100M5A. That probably means that the processor is, too. But the firmware will be based on the latest version of the Sony camera software platform, so newer than the RX100M7.

They make it clear that it is not meant to be part of the RX series as it has its new ZV-1 name.

As DPR points out, "the official model name is DCZV-1, rather than 'DSC,' denoting digital stills camera". So, it's officially not a stills camera.

The flip out sideways screen makes some operations easier and makes others way more awkward.

It is simply a different camera. It is definitely not a logical update to the RX100M5A.

Yes, definitely. If it's successful, it might be followed by other models that diverge further from the RX100 series.

Which dials has it lost? To summarize, I always use my RX100VA for video, hardly for stills. I use picture profiles, color grade / add LUTs, and use the memory recall button so I can quickly switch from 4K 24 to 1080 60 and 1080 120 for slow mo on a 24p timeline, etc. I have my memory recall set up for shutter priority so I can shoot in 1/50 or 1/125 depending on the frame rate and I use an external ND to try to get shallower depth of field for cinematic type shots.

Would I be losing any functionality by moving from the RX100VA to the ZV-1? The mic input would be a huge welcome advantage for me and make it worth selling my RX100VA and getting the ZV-1.

Now if Sony could only come up with a compact APSC with fixed lens, I'd be all over it...Or an improved RX1R that is video centric...

I think you've answered your own question here.

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