Can I swap Godox TT600S hot shoe for a Nikon show or standard shoe

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Re: Swap Godox TT600S foot

fotowbert wrote:

DO NOT open up the body of the flash unless you follow safety protocol for dealing with potentially lethal high voltage from the units capacitor. That voltage can remain present for days or weeks after the unit is turned off.

This is very true: even with the batteries out for over 24 hours, you can still have >300V zappage in that there capacitor. But I've messed with replacement foot assemblies without doing so, and didn't have an issue. Whether you want to be as foolhardy as me is up to you. But I think this is the one possible repair you can make, where you're going to be insulated from any possible direct connections to the capacitor, as you're not opening up the body or the head.

However. Most Canon and Nikon speedlights do have contacts for measuring voltage/draining the charge stored in the capacitor under a side hinge cover (on the 580EX, here), so you don't have to crack open the body/head and directly access the capacitor to discharge it. I have no idea if Godox does the same thing, but since they tend to base some design elements on Canon speedlights, it seems likely.

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