RX100Va vs. new Sony ZV-1

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Re: RX100Va vs. new Sony ZV-1

sybersitizen wrote:

0lf wrote:

The FL state on the lens is a physical property of the lens. It does not take into account crop.

You keep insisting on something that in many cases has historically been incorrect. Lens manufacturers are under no obligation to accurately label lenses according to their physical properties. As long as you choose to insist on something that hasn't been proven, nothing anyone else says will matter to you.

Digital Nigel is also guilty of the same thing when he says 'It's the same physical lens as the RX100M3-5' because he cannot know that at this point.

You'd both be wise to ease off until more on this topic can be proven.

May be it is wiser to wait and see.

That said, Sony does change the mark on the lens (9.4 instead of 8.8) and the optical zoom ratio specification (2.7x instead of 2.9x)

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