Has anyone read the xt4 review comments?

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Re: Has anyone read the xt4 review comments?

robert1955 wrote:

Smaug01 wrote:

Ad12 wrote:

Seems to be some serious hate for the XT4 examples and X trans sensors! I recall seeing some great professional work from the XT3 and such.

If you look at comments under other reviews you will see the same, making comments mostly useless

What’s going on with the gallery to cause such negativity? Yet DPR give it a gold review, and other online reviews all say its awesome.

I can’t afford an XT4 and at that price would get something else anyway, so I’m just curious!

This is a bit baity

Maybe that's what it is: some people want it, but can't afford it because it's so expensive and they put their frustration there.

Unfortunately, we moderators don't have a way to delete posts there; all we can do is point them out to admin. Is there a 'report' link?

Nor can we easily move commenters to ignored status. There seem to be quite a lot of those who never engage in discussions in the forums

For goodness sake, we all have different ways of contributing, if you don't like the comment, just ignore it, is it that difficult!

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