Can I swap Godox TT600S hot shoe for a Nikon show or standard shoe

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Re: Can I swap Godox TT600S hot shoe for a Nikon show or standard shoe

refusenik wrote:

I Bought a couple of Godox TT600 speedlites which have the plastic Sony MI shoe which I suspect will break sooner rather than later, but as I intend to use them off-camera and trigger them using a X1T-S wireless trigger on my Sony's hotshoe, can I swap out the TT600's shoes for standard metal ones?

Just me, but I actually think this might work. Unlike the TTL models, you only have to have sync/ground connections, and the wiring harness on the inside only has the red (sync) and black (ground) wires, so is likely identical between the TT600 and TT600S (and the V850II for that matter). It would only take you a minute, anyway, to unscrew that plate (four small screws), pull it out and see.

But I'd actually recommend a different way around the issue, which is to use the Godox S2 bracket instead of a coldshoe mount. It's more stable, doesn't stress the foot on any speedlight, and gives you a Bowens S mount to work with for modifiers vs. an umbrella swivel. And it still leaves you the option of being able to mount a TT600S on-camera if you need to.

Or even Nikon ones which I believe are also metal? I have an old Nikon DSLR on which I'd like the option to use the TT600 on-camera if I'm going to swap out the plastic shoe for a metal shoe.

That won't work, unless you're happy to cut off the wiring harnesses on the Nikon foot and the speedlight, and figure out which ones are sync (center pin connection) and ground (rails connection) and splice them together. Which may render future foot-replacement problematic. Which is something to consider because the plastic foot plate most of these things came with for years was fragile by design, so you'd break the easily-replaced foot assembly, and not end up with a more expensive time-consuming repair.

I get that the MI foot is too damn delicate. But I also don't quite get why Sony users all think a metal footplate is such a huge upgrade.

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