RX100Va vs. new Sony ZV-1

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Re: RX100Va vs. new Sony ZV-1

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Does the RX100Va have anything over the ZV-1?

A 24mm equivalent lens. See, the RX start at 8,8mm, the ZV start at 9,4mm. And if 8,8mm stand for a fov of 24mm, then 9,4mm is closer to 26mm.

Unless Sony tuned down distortion correction...

Already discussed, both are 24mm

Can’t find anything valuable. If you have a link to provide, please.

Note that the FL written on the lens do not depend on crop, stabilization, image ratio, optical correction, or whatever. So the RX does have a lower FL.

The focal length stated on the lens does depend on optical correction and the cropping that is applied to OOC JPEGs.

No, it does not. FL is not fov.

It's only an approximation.

Approximation means 9.4 stand for something between [9.35;9.45[

The lens is actually wider than stated, even in the RX100M3-5. If you're not a raw shooter, you never actually see the real image the lens produces.

The lens produces a wider image than OOC JPEGs show

Given I talked already twice about distortion and fish eye... I will not contradict you about the RX fov being wider than a rectilinear 24mm on FF. Given how Sony present the FOV on its site, “84° at max pixel readout”, it is surely with more conservative corrections. The thing is, whatever Sony is doing, the RX has a wider FOV in raw.

That is why I wondered about distortion correction. May be the fish eye effet at WA is less corrected in the ZV, so you can cover approximately the same fov with a longer FL. Anyway, that does not turn the lens into a 24mm.

It's the same physical lens as the RX100M3-5.

Sony state the optical zoom is 2.7x, and the wa FL is 9.4. So no, the lens is different.

All that's changed is that this is a mainly video camera, and they've conservatively stated a focal length that takes active stabilization into account.

The FL state on the lens is a physical property of the lens. It does not take into account crop.

For stills, it's the same lens as the RX100M3-5A.

This is a low investment camera, mainly built from existing RX100 components. It gets the lens and sensor from the M5, the hot-shoe from the M2, the non-existent EVF from the M1, and the screen and PCB from the M7. The only thing that's new is the software.

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