Hiking.. which Camera?

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Re: Hiking.. which Camera?

ken_in_nh wrote:

I've used non weather sealed cameras in the rain for years with no problem. I put the camera in a cheap plastic bag, tear a hole for the lens, put a rubber band around that opening, and have the regular bag opening at the bottom, where I stick my hand.

I have a filter on the front of the lens, so when it gets wet, I can use any old rag (usually my handkercheif!) to wipe it without worry of damaging an expensive front element.

A rubber band and a few plastic 1 gallon food bags are not heavy.

Or spend £30 and get this, highly recommended use the lens hood and a filter


I would never expose a camera/lens to rain, dust, etc doesn't matter how weatherproof it is, keep it clean and protected as much as you can

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